Finding the right size for babies

Finding the right size for your baby is very simple. With this guide, we would like to try to explain the right sizes to you and possibly simplify your decision. 
Before you order, we would also like to ask you to check your baby's size with the help of this information to avoid unnecessary returns. In this way, we can make a joint contribution to environmental protection. If the item you ordered is still too big, we recommend that you check whether the baby bodysuit or romper suit could fit in the next few months. Especially in the baby and infant age, the little ones grow up to 12 cm per year. If the item you ordered still does not fit, we will of course take it back. When placing your order, please note that there may be variations in size between different manufacturers. However, these deviations are usually rather small.
If you have any further questions about baby sizes, you can find some answers below in the FAQ section on baby and toddler sizes, click here. And if you still have questions, you can contact us here and we will be happy to help you.

Sizes for baby clothes, such as baby bodysuits, sleep rompers, jackets, sweatpants, tops and Co.

Newborn is the term used for babies/children from birth to the 28th day of life. The infant age starts at the beginning of the 29th day of life until the completed 12th month of life. Here is a simple rule of thumb that you can use for the first months of your baby's life and development. - Your baby's clothes size is the same as his or her height! - If your baby's height is 68 cm, this corresponds to a size 68 in baby clothes. It's important to know the right size for your baby's clothes, especially when he or she is a baby, so that your little sunshine feels comfortable and the clothes aren't too tight and irritate the skin.
We have divided our categories into baby, toddler and children. In baby clothes we have, among others, the categories bodysuits, trousers, jackets, dresses, nightwear and tops. For these, the clothing sizes in the following table apply. If you want to find out about the right cap size, please look further down this page, or click here to go there directly.

Body length
Premature baby
32-44 cm
up to 3 kg
0-1 Month
47-50 cm
3 kg
1-2 Month
51-56 cm
4 kg
2-4 Month
57-62 cm
5-6 kg
4-6 Month
63-68 cm
7-8 kg
6-9 Month
69-74 cm
9-10 kg
9-12 Month
75-80 cm
11 kg
12-18 Month
81-86 cm
12 kg

Overview for sizes of baby hats

Want to buy a hat for a baby but don't know the right size? Whether you're looking for a baby cap for your own daughter or son, or you're looking for a gift for an infant, you can narrow down your choices with the help of the table.

Head circumference 
Hat Size
Premature baby
up to 33 cm
up to 33
33-35 cm
0-2 Months
35-37 cm
2-4 Months
37-39 cm
4-6 Months
39-41 cm
6-9 Months
41-43 cm
9-12 Months
43-45 cm
12-18 Months
45-47 cm

The most frequently asked questions about the different baby sizes

Take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your baby's head just above the eyebrows around the back of the head. This value gives the circumference of the head in centimetres. You can also use the age groups to help you with the sizes. We recommend that you order the cap or hat one size larger so that the cap does not fit too tightly on your baby's head.

Not only the environment, but also your boy or girl will thank you if you put on a baby cap made of a natural fibre. Organic cotton is an excellent choice. If you have any further questions about materials, you are welcome to take a look at our help page on the different materials and their properties, click on this link.

Take a tape measure and measure your baby from head to toe. If you now have a height/length of 64 cm, for example, size 68 would fit. However, since babies grow rapidly, it makes sense to order the romper suit one size larger.

A baby's, toddler's or child's clothing size corresponds to their height. This means that when you measure your baby's height, make sure to measure from crown to sole. It is a good idea to lay your baby on its side. Then place the tape measure at the top of the back of the head, gently pull the little leg straight and pull the tape measure down to the sole. The value in centimetres is your baby's dress size.

We are very happy to hear that. We know that twins are not only time-consuming, but also costly. We wish you all the best and would like to support you with your twin discount. If you buy the same item twice, you will automatically receive the twin discount.