Bleach baby and children's clothes correctly

It is sometimes not easy to interpret and understand the wide range of care instructions. Here you will find an overview of how to interpret the symbols and bleaching instructions correctly.

Bleach baby and children's clothes correctly

The triangle indicates whether the item may be bleached or not. Bleaching is a process carried out in an aqueous medium before, during or after washing to improve soil and stain removal and/or to increase whiteness.
The bleaching agents used are active chlorine (e.g. Javelle water) or chlorine-free active oxygen-releasing products (contained in heavy-duty/universal detergents).

Do not bleach

Bleaching is not possible. Only use bleach-free detergents (e.g. colour detergents). Also be careful with stain removers. If in doubt, try on a concealed area.

Oxygen bleach

Only oxygen bleach (contained in universal detergents) is possible. Chlorine bleach is not allowed.

All types of bleach

Chlorine or oxygen bleach are permitted.