Cosy underwear for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers.

We have put together a large selection of underwear for girls and boys. Whether you're looking for long-sleeved or short-sleeved bodysuits and rompers for babies and toddlers or briefs, panties, hippsters, tank tops and undershirts for girls or boxer shorts for boys and long boys' pants for the winter or even underwear sets, you're very likely to find what you're looking for here. Our underwear is not only super soft, comfortable and has a pleasant fit, it is also very comfortable to wear due to its fibres and production. Because many of our items are fair fashion, from ecological and sustainable production.

To find the right fit or perfect size for your child, follow us here to the information on the right size for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers. If you have more questions about underwear, you can use this filter function here to get to the questions and answers about underwear.

Underwear from top labels also in organic quality

Because good quality, sustainability and designs suitable for children are very important to us, we are pleased to be able to introduce you here to our manufacturers who specialise exclusively in the production of baby & children's clothing. These include the Danish fashion label "Name IT", which stands out for its fair fashion and good value for money. You can also find the Belgian brand "Lemon Beret" here. This company has 86 years of experience in the production of children's clothing and impresses with its fashionable designs and the child-friendly processing of its fashion pieces. We also have "Blue Seven", a German label that scores with its cute designs and prints with a lot of attention to detail.

Children's underwear & baby bodysuits

From long underwear for boys, boxer shorts, bodysuits or rompers for babies or tank tops and hipster paties for girls, you'll find everything, what your little/big darling needs here. Underwear and bodysuits are probably one of the most important items of clothing in a baby's or child's wardrobe,because they are in close contact with the skin.  As such, they should cool, keep warm, be breathable and absorb moisture. That's why we offer you a wide selection of children's underwear made of pure cotton or organic cotton, because they meet all the important criteria. If you have any questions about the materials or fibres, follow us here. You can learn a lot of interesting facts about the materials and their properties here.

FAQ: Underwear & Co

First of all, make sure you get the right size, because if they are too tight, as we know 😉, the freedom of movement is restricted, skin irritation can occur and your child will feel uncomfortable.Pay attention to the material composition, because the boxer shorts should fit close to the skin, so they should also be elastic. That's why we recommend pants or shirts made of cotton or organic cotton with elastane.We prefer organic cotton because it not only helps the environment, but also your child's delicate skin.

Opinions differ on whether to wash at 40 or 60 degrees. For hygienic reasons, the laundry should be washed at a minimum of 40° C, if not 60° C. You can wash underwear at a minimum of 40° C, use a sensitive hygiene rinse aid, which removes 99% of bacteria even at very low temperatures. For children's clothes, we recommend using a detergent labelled "Sensitive".

You can find a lot of useful information about textile care for children's clothing here.

The material composition and quality are extremely important, because the underwear is like a second skin for the child. The little and big kids play, romp and sweat in their underwear.. This means that the fibres should absorb moisture, and cotton underwear fulfils this. Cotton also keeps warm, cools and is breathable. We recommend that you choose products made from organic cotton. This is not only good for the environment, but also for the sensitive skin of your little treasure. Because the production of children's clothing from organic fibres does not use any chemical processes,this is not only safe and healthy, but also sustainable and ecologically valuable.

For hygienic reasons alone, it is advisable to change underwear every day, because children sweat in them and briefs in particular are an ideal breeding ground for many types of bacteria, fungi and germs.

As long as your little one still wears nappies, you can avoid underwear and use the practical bodysuit. But as soon a child goes to the toilet or potty, we recommend underwear. This makes it easier for your little toddler to go to the toilet because it is easier to pull the panties down and up.

We recommend that you do not wait too long to begin removing these stains, but that you apply pre-treatment right away. First wash the panties with warm water and spread the bile soap generously on the stained area and leave it to work overnight. Then wash the panties as usual with a pre-wash cycle in the washing machine.