Cute two piece pajama sets for kids & babies

Are you looking for two-piece soft pajamas? So that your child has a restful and comfortable sleep, we present you here, gorgeous and comfortable two-piece pajamas for boys and girls, in different child-friendly designs. From babies to teenagers, there is a pajama for every age group. If you have questions about sizes, materials, care instructions and fits, just click here and you will be taken to the FAQ section for two-piece pajamas.

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Two-piece pyjamas for girls and boys for all ages also from sustainable production

We select our manufacturers on the basis of sustainability and high quality. Among the well-known manufacturers of our articles is the " Name It" label, based in Denmark, which impresses with its price-performance ratio and sustainably produced garments. The German fashion label "Blue Seven" is also represented, which stands out for its child-friendly designs and prints with great attention to detail. You will also find the Belgian brand "Lemon Beret". With 86 years of experience, it stands out for its high quality standards, fashionable designs and the child-friendly manufacture of its fashion pieces. All three of these top manufacturers have focused on clothing for children. 

So if you are looking for pyjamas made of organic cotton and/or recycled material, you will find them here. You will find a lot of interesting information about the characteristics and nature of the different materials here.

Soft and cuddly pyjamas for babies, toddlers & children

Restful sleep is very important, especially for children and babies. When it comes to your child's sleep, it's not just the nursery and the bed that should be the focus of attention, but also comfortable nightwear. Let your child slip into one of our cosy pyjamas, which are not only super soft, breathable and comfortable, but also give your child plenty of freedom of movement and are made from sustainable materials.

FAQ for two-piece nightwear suits, PJ & sleepwear

When buying pyjamas, we recommend that you pay particular attention to the material composition and workmanship. They should be cool on warm days and warm on cold days, absorb sweat well and be breathable. We recommend cotton or organic cotton, as they fulfil all the criteria mentioned above. Organic fabrics are also environmentally friendly and protect children's sensitive skin from possible allergies and intolerances.

Basically, we recommend using only cold water for the pre-treatment of blood stains, because blood contains different proteins that coagulate at high temperatures. In addition, we recommend rubbing gall or curd soap onto the moistened stain. Let it work for half an hour and then wash your clothes as usual. Further tips for textile care you will find here in the care instructions section.

There are no rules and regulations here. For babies we recommend sleeping overalls, a two-piece is an easy thing to put on and take off for children who can already go to the toilet on their own. In the end, your child's comfort factor should come first and between us, as long as your little darling doesn't have free choice yet, you decide 😉.

A sleepsuit is a one-piece item of clothes for babies with long sleeves and legs with feet (or onesie, the common name for them when they are made for elder children, teens and grown-ups). Pyjamas are a two-piece garment usually consisting of long baggy trousers and a long-sleeved shirt. 

There are no rules here either, only recommendations. Since children cannot yet regulate their heat balance and circulation, they can also sweat a lot at night during intense dreams. A newborn baby also sweats more for this reason. We recommend changing the pyjamas every 4 days. If your child sweats a lot at night, then you should change the nightwear every 2 days.

Basically, pyjamas have a functional feature. Depending on the material composition, they can be either cooling or warming, and they can even positively support the transport of perspiration, which can be very beneficial in regulating the heat of babies and toddlers. But pyjamas are definitely more comfortable than the daytime outfit, it is more hygienic and you get baby and children used to a daily routine very early.