Comfortable undershirts for toddlers, children and teenagers

Comfortable under-shirts belong in every child's wardrobe and an must-have. Here we present vests for girls and boys in many different variations. Whether striped, dotted, plain or with prints, whatever your little one desires, you are sure to discover something while browsing. We also offer matching pants, briefs, panties or boxer shorts to go with the tank top, which you will find here. A high wearing comfort and a comfortable fit are extremely important, as well as the material composition and good quality. We also offer models made of organic cotton for ecological and sustainable reasons.

If you have any questions about vests, please use our filter function here to access the FAQ section, where we have summarised the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you still have questions, you can also ask us your questions personally here. We will be happy to help you.

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Undergarments for girls and boys from a top brands

For us, good quality and sustainability come first and are especially important in children's fashion. That's why we have only included top brands in our range. Discover the Danish fashion label "Name It", which not only creates high-quality and fashionable children's clothing, but also places great value on natural and sustainably processed materials. The label "Blue Seven", a German company, also attaches great importance to the optimal processing of high-quality materials and impresses with its trendy and cute designs. Also represented is the Belgian brand "Lemon Beret", with 86 years of experience, which stands out for its fashionably designed fashion pieces and their child-friendly workmanship.

High quality children's under shirts for every season

Under shirts for children of all ages can be worn not only as underwear, but also as fashionable tank tops for girls and sporty shirts for boys in summer. In winter, tank tops are a must in your child's wardrobe, as they provide warmth and are also comfortable on children's skin. Discover a colourful selection of different coloured and patterned underwear for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers. Click here to find the matching underwear, boxers, briefs and hot pants.

FAQ under shirts for toddlers, kids and teens

They do not differ in cut, but rather in design and colour. There are unisex designs and colours of undies. But our experience shows that girls rather prefer summery colours like pink, orange or purple, printed with flowers or their favourite Disney movie heroine. The popular colours for boys are green and blue, and the printed motifs are usually cars, superheroes or their favourite characters from cartoons.

The fit is very important here, as with all other garments. If a shirt is too tight and pinches or too big and slips, your child will not feel comfortable. Pay attention to the material composition because the underwear is in direct contact with the skin. To ensure a good fit, the main material should have a certain amount of elastane fibres added. Cotton or organic cotton is perfect as a breathable and moisture-absorbing fabric. We recommend under shirts made of organic cotton, which not only protects the environment, but also protects children's sensitive skin from possible allergies or intolerance. If you are only interested in organic products, click here.

Generally, the size of your girl or boy corresponds to the garment size. If your child is 141 to 146 cm tall and has a chest circumference of 70 to 74 cm, this corresponds to a clothes size of 146. If you are buying an underwear for your child, we recommend to use the chest measurement as a guide. To find out the correct size, click here and you will be taken to the children's sizes category page.

There are no rules here, but for hygienic reasons children's underwear should be changed daily. Accordingly, you should have enough underwear for your little darling between 5 and 8 years.

When washing, make sure that you do not use fabric softener. This can irritate your child's sensitive skin, you avoid possible allergies and you also protect the environment. If you use a fabric softener, we recommend to use the one for for sensitive skin, especially if the laundry can only be washed at 40°. Hygiene detergents remove 99% of bacteria, even at very low temperatures. For children's clothes, we recommend using a detergent labelled "Sensitive". You can find a lot of useful information about textile care here.

On the whole, there are no major differences, except for the straps. The straps of a under shirt are wider and cover the shoulder area, while a tank top has thin straps. However, tank tops are worn as under shirts in everyday life and also can be worn in summer and are often patterned and printed.