Fashionable children's jeans for girls & boys

Here you will find fashionable and up-to-date children's jeans that are fashionable and comfortable. We offer jeans for girls and boys in different lengths, cuts, styles, colours and materials. So if you're looking for kids' shorts, ankle-length jeans, or slim fit, straight, skinny, regular, relaxed fit, culotte, bootcut, jeggings jeans or trousers for kids, you should find them here. We also have wide leg, flared and boyfriend styles. Of course, we have a separate category for children's leggings. We answer further questions about children's jeans in our FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

Children's jeans from high quality brands & organic cotton jeans

Many children's jeans are now made from organic cotton and other recycled materials, because children's trousers made from organic cotton are also robust and can be worn for playing and running around. You can find out more about the different properties of the materials for children's trousers here. The jeans in our range are made by well-known manufacturers who stand out for their quality. The fashion label "Name It" from Denmark, for example, impresses with its very good price/performance ratio. Blue Seven" from Germany also designs cute and comfortable jeans for boys and girls of all ages at a fair price.

Trendy girls & boys jeans for every age group

Are you looking for trendy and stylish jeans for your girl or boy? Discover jeans for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers in different washes and fits. From extra slim skinny fit jeans to bootcut jeans, you'll find them all here. If you're looking for the right size or fit for your girl or boy, use our filter functions and follow us to the size guide for girls' jeans or boys' jeans.

FAQ Trousers and jeans for babies, toddlers and children

We recommend washing the trousers and jeans for children and babies inside out. Not only for the sake of the environment, but also to protect the colour and fibres of the trousers, do not use fabric softener. This is also good if your child has allergies or intolerances. Please follow the washing instructions of the manufacturer, which you will find sewn into the product and in the article details of the respective product. Do you need more information? Then please click here.

There are different materials such as cotton, organic cotton, polyester or even spandex and others. Meanwhile, trousers for boys or girls are also made from recycled polyester. Pants with a high polyester content are more durable than pure cotton pants. The percentage of elastane reflects how much the trousers are stretched when worn. If you would like to see more information about the materials and their properties, please click here.

The rule of thumb for children's trousers is that the height in cm corresponds to the dress size of the jeans or trousers. For example, if your son is 116 cm tall, then size 116 will fit, or if your daughter is 145 cm tall, then we recommend jeans size 146. We provide more information about sizes and different cuts on our help pages. Do you have more questions about clothing sizes for children? Then take a look around here.

For slim children, the X-Slim, Slim or Skinny Fit cuts are suitable.

Designs with the baggy fit cut are suitable for strong children.

There are different ways to remove grass stains. In any case, quick action is required. It is possible to treat the stain with bile soap. Rub the soap on the stain and let it work for at least an hour before washing. You can also squeeze a lemon and test the juice carefully on an invisible part of the trousers (e.g. the inside) to see if it affects the colour of the jeans. If everything is OK, then you can wet the stain with the lemon juice and leave it to soak in for an hour before washing. You can find more information on the correct care of children's jeans here.

Sturdy trousers are more suitable for playing. If the jeans are a bit stretchier, this can't hurt because they are also more durable and don't get a hole as quickly as thin leggings.

Natural soft materials such as cotton or organic cotton are recommended for sensitive skin. Stretch trousers for children should have as little elastane, polyester or polyamide as possible.

A pair of jeans for children with the feature "skinny fit" is the tightest among the trousers. The fit is very figure-hugging and the trousers fit the body like a second skin. If you want something looser, then you should choose the "X-Slim" cut.

The characteristic "X-Slim Fit" means that the trousers are figure-hugging, they are not as tight as "Skinny Fit" jeans. The fit is very figure-hugging and the trousers fit closely to the body. Still too tight or uncomfortable? Then choose a pair of jeans with the "slim fit" feature.

With a "slim fit", the trousers also fit close to the body, but still have enough air between the material and the skin. The cut is between "X-Slim Fit", which is tighter, and "Regular Fit", which is looser.

A "regular fit" is the original cut of a pair of jeans. It fits loosely, has enough air between the trousers and the skin and you can even fit a pair of long pants underneath on cold days. If your child prefers tighter trousers, then you should look for a "slim fit". However, if your child wants to wear more trousers, then the "baggy fit" cut is more suitable.

"Baggy Fit" is a wide flared trouser. It offers a lot of space between the trousers and the skin. If you want a tighter fit, look for regular fit trousers.