Comfortable fluffy rompers & sleep overalls for babies and toddlers

We have put together an extensive range of sleep overalls and rompers for the little ones and for the older ones. Sleep is extremely important, especially for our small babies, and should not only take place in a quiet environment, but also in pleasant and comfortable pajamas. Especially in the first months of life, a restful and cosy warm sleep is extremely important for your baby as it cannot yet regulate its body temperature properly. We offer many different sleep overalls & rompers with child-friendly cute prints, as well as with and without feet for babies and toddlers. Our fashion pieces are not only characterised by their good quality and high wearing comfort, but many of our items are made from sustainable fibres or organic cotton.

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High-quality sleep overalls from renowned manufacturers made from sustainably produced fibres

In our selection of sleep overalls and rompers, we not only pay attention to good quality and high wearing comfort, but also to the material composition. For this reason, a large number of our items are made from organic cotton and/or recycled materials that meet the EU quality standard. Because we not only focus on good quality, but also on sustainability. Especially in the category of nightwear for the little ones and our children, we should make sure that we not only follow fashion trends, but also that the fashion pieces are soft, light and comfortable. Sustainability should also be an aspect when choosing clothes for your baby/child, because this way you not only protect the environment, but also prevent possible allergies or intolerances at an early stage.

With this in mind, we have also chosen our well-known manufacturer. We can introduce you to the Danish fashion label "Name It", the brand "Lemon Beret" from Belgium and the label "Blue Seven" from Germany. These top manufacturers specialise in clothing for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers. toddlers, children and teenagers. They are not only characterised by sustainable and trendy fashion, they also captivate with their child-friendly designs and prints through a lot of attention to detail and, above all, their good quality.

Sleep overalls & rompers for a restful sleep for babies and toddlers

A good and healthy sleep is not only important for us adults, but especially for newborns, infants and children. Babies and children need restful sleep not only to regenerate and process, but also to strengthen their defences. Newborn babies need a lot of sleep in the first weeks after the exhausting birth and ideally they sleep up to 16 hours a day. This requires not only a calm and relaxed atmosphere and environment, but also comfortable and soft nightwear. For this purpose, we present you here a variety of rompers and sleep overalls made of pure cotton and or organic cotton, which are not only super soft and comfortable, but cool in summer and warm in winter, these fibres also absorb a large amount of moisture and are breathable at the same time. You can find out more about the properties and characteristics of the different materials here.

Frequently asked questions about nightwear & rompers for babies and children

Especially with clothing for babies and children, it is advisable to avoid chemical detergents and fabric softeners to prevent allergic reactions. For most stains, good old biodegradable, environmentally friendly bile soap or curd soap will help. Dampen the stains with cold water and then rub the curd soap on them. Leave the soap to work for about half an hour and then wash the laundry as usual! Click here if you still have questions about textile care. Here you can find out a lot of interesting facts about textile care.

We recommend that you pay attention to the workmanship and the material composition. A sleep overall should be cool on warm days, warm on cold days, absorb moisture well and be breathable. As already mentioned in the foreword, we recommend organic fabrics, which is not only good for the environment, but also protects the sensitive and delicate skin of your baby or child from possible allergies.

In the first months of your child's life, it is very important to pay attention to the right clothing, as he or she cannot yet regulate his or her body temperature properly. Especially when sleeping, you should make sure that your little one is not too warm or too cold. You can easily test this by putting your finger on the back of your child's neck. This way you can tell if your baby is sweating or cold. 

As many midwives have recommended, the onion technique is the best form of clothing, especially for the smallest of babies. The onion shape is the figurative representation of the onion, here it consists of different layers of clothing you put on your child in different seasons. On warm summer days, a light cotton sleep overall without feet with a short-sleeved bodysuit underneath is recommended. On hotter days you can do without the bodysuit.

The majority of our rompers and sleep overalls should be washed at 40° degrees gentle cycle. We also recommend turning the garment inside out and not using fabric softener. This protects the colour and fibres and also protects the environment by not using fabric softener.

For a lot of children, a sleep overall is a very comfortable night companion, but as soon as your child can walk and go to the toilet alone, pyjamas are more practical to put on and take off. However, the feel-good factor should come first here.

A rule of thumb says that the height of your child corresponds to the size of the clothes. This means that if your little one is 58 cm tall, you can take a size 60/62 when it comes to clothes. To help you find the right clothing size, follow us here to the Size Guide help page for more information.

In the first few months, it often happens that something goes wrong during feeding, despite the bib. For this reason, we recommend having between 5 and 8 rompers, depending on the season. However, you should also consider your washing habits. Two to three pyjamas with a practical front closure for easy dressing and undressing make sense for the night.