Multifunctional warm parka for toddlers, kids & teens

Discover high quality, fashionable and classic parkas for girls & boys of all ages in our range! If you're looking for a parka with a cosy lining and fur hood that is windproof, water repellent and breathable, then you've come to the right place. Whatever the weather, our selection of anoraks will protect your child from wind, rain and snow.
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Kids parka for girls & boys from renowned labels

In our selection of renowned manufacturers, we have not only focused on fashionable designs and colours, but also on good quality, sustainability and child-friendly processing of materials. For example, you can discover the Danish fashion label "Name It", which not only designs high-quality and fashionable children's clothing, but also attaches great importance to natural and sustainable material processing. Also represented is the label "Blue Seven", a company based in Germany, which attaches great importance to the optimal processing of high-quality materials and impresses with its trendy and cute designs. We also have the Belgian brand "Lemon Beret" in our range. With 86 years of experience, it stands out with its fashionable designs and child-friendly workmanship.

Cosy and warm in the winter season with high-quality parkas for children

With our trendy and fashionable parkas as a companion, you can send your child warm, dry and protected through the uncomfortable months. The typical design of the anorak will keep your child warm and cosy through the wet autumn and cold winter. Equipped with a large hood, which can be removable and/or with artificial fur, your child will be protected from many unpleasant weather conditions. The models also have a cosy inner lining that keeps your child warm under the jacket. All parkas are comfortable to wear and have a comfortable fit.

Frequently asked questions about the children's parka

Both differ in length and features. The parka is an anorak with a fur hood and lining, it is mid-length. A normal jacket only goes to the hip.

We recommend that you follow the washing label. Remove everything before every wash, e.g. the faux fur on the hood. For faux fur, we recommend hand washing to keep it looking good for longer. Close zips or Velcro fastenings. A parka should always be washed on the gentle cycle according to the manufacturer's instructions, but usually at 40°C and never higher. Heavily soiled areas should be pre-treated. We recommend not using fabric softener on children's clothing. Detergents should be labelled "sensitive".
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Make sure that the parka is breathable so that your child does not sweat. It should also be water-repellent to protect your child from rain. The type of hood is also important because it should protect your child's head from strong winds and rain. You should also pay attention to the closures. A zip should be covered with a windbreak and have a chin guard. Size, weight and material composition are also important. Your child should be able to wear a thick jumper under the anorak without it constricting. A parka should also not be too heavy so that your sunshine doesn't have to carry a load on top of the school bag. You can find an example of such a parka right here!

We always recommend buying a winter jacket one size larger, because your child should be able to wear a jumper underneath on very cold days. Finding the right size is usually a bit difficult. As a rule of thumb, however, you can remember the following: your child's height also corresponds to the clothing size. When buying an anorak, we also advise you to consider the chest circumference so that the jacket does not restrict your child's freedom of movement. To find out the right size for your child, our team has put together a table for you. Just click here and you will be taken to our help table.

Yes, because the parka is an all-rounder and can be worn in both seasons. The inner lining and the fur on the hood are removable and can be used again in the winter months.