Pajamas for kids & babies

Are you looking for cuddly and at the same time cosy pajamas for girls or boys? Here you will find pajamas in different colors & designs. Whether baby or toddler up to teenage age, you will find pajamas that will facilitate a restful sleep for your child.
If you have questions about sizes, materials, care instructions and fits, you are welcome to browse the FAQ section below.

Boys & girls pajamas: Top brands & organic quality

We care about your baby, so we offer children's pajamas made of organic cotton, which also meet EU quality standards. Harmless materials are just right for sensitive skin during sleep. 
Here you will find top manufacturers that not only offer high quality standards and sustainability, but also offer beautiful designs. Some manufacturers include

  • Blue Seven
  • Lemon Beret
  • Name It

Kids pajamas: restful sleep & good start to the day

A good night's sleep is especially important for babies and children. Important processes in your baby's or child's body are triggered during sleep, such as growth, regeneration of the body and hormone production. Cosy pyjamas support your child's sleep and give them a warm and safe feeling. Movement during sleep is not hindered by the comfortable fit of the piyamas.

We recommend you to use our filter function to find the right fit or size of the perfect nightgown for your child.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

FAQ section about our PJs for kids

Pediatricians recommend changing pajamas every four days and washing them accordingly. If you notice that your child sweats a lot at night, it is advisable to increase the frequency. Also, during and after overcoming an illness such as a cold, it is advisable to wash all clothing and bed sheets.

As your kid gets older and can get dressed without help, it's time to move on from the one-piece pajamas and go for two-piece pajamas. If possible, you should also ask your child what he or she prefers. Because this is ultimately a matter of taste, some children like a two-piece, others a romper suit. It is always important that there is sufficient freedom of movement while the kid is sleeping.

Since babies are limited in their ability to self-regulate their temperature that you should put an extra layer on than they would wear in the nursery. A short-sleeved bodysuit or summer baby pajamas under a lightweight onesie should keep them warm and give them comfortable feeling throughout the night. Yeah, show me more 🙂

During the cooler seasons, pajamas made of slightly thicker material are recommended. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the fabric is still breathable to provide a restful night's sleep. We recommend that you choose pajamas made of cotton or even organic cotton. If you are looking for more information about the materials, you will find it on our help pages. Click here.

One of the best fabric for pajamas is cotton. Cotton is strong, breathable, soft and stays quite cozy on the skin, which makes sleep comfortable and healthy. Cotton or organic cotton absorbs and gives off sweat relatively quickly, which makes it an ideal material for sleeping at night.

A sleep romper with enough space for the diaper can ensure a restful sleep, So it does not have to be a two-piece pajamas for babies or toddlers. We recommend making sure that you, as a parent, can change the diapers quickly and relaxed during the night. This relieves all unnecessary stress during the night.

As long as your baby is not yet able to express his/her own choice, it is your responsibility. You should consider that your child, whether boy or girl, feels comfortable at night. Here it is always important that the freedom of movement is given. But also that you can change the diaper quickly and easily if necessary. So there is no "right" here, but also no "wrong".

Your baby can definitely wear pajamas under his/her sleeping bag. You may put your baby in lightweight pajamas and a very light sleeping bag in spring and summer, and warm fleece pajamas and a more substantial sleeping bag in fall and winter, in accordance with the time of year and the temperature. This is not mandatory, but you should ensure a comfortable temperature so that it is neither too hot nor too cold.