High quality & skin friendly fashion for your baby, child, toddler or teenager in good quality

We are proud to present you with the latest fashion for your boy or girl made from organic cotton and/or recycled material, according to EU quality standards. These high standards also apply to the labels and prints. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and without genetic manipulation, so neither the soil nor the water are polluted with harmful substances. It also benefits the cotton farmers, who receive premiums and long-term purchase contracts. Sustainably produced clothing has a higher and better quality and is also more durable. When you buy our clothes from organic cultivation, you are not only acting in an environmentally conscious way and protecting the climate, but you are also protecting your baby's or child's delicate skin from harmful substances and unpleasant skin irritations.
If we haven't convinced you yet and you still have questions about organic cotton, then follow us to the FAQ section. If that's not enough for you, you can ask us your questions personally and contact us here.

Fair fashion for girls and boys from trendy fashion labels

Discover skin-friendly, environmentally friendly, colourful and lovingly designed fashion made from organic cotton for your baby, toddler, child or teenager. We have selected our manufacturers according to our standards, under the aspect of good quality and sustainability. For example, we have included the well-known Danish label "Name It" in our range. It stands out not only because of its colourful fabrics and fashionably trendy cuts, but also because of the sustainable processing of the products. In its responsible production, the label relies on organic cotton, affordable and fair prices. The company's sustainability is also characterised by the fact that the label accepts sorted clothing of all kinds and recycles it.

Sustainable children's fashion comfortable and fashionable

We invite you to browse our wide range of organic cotton clothing. You can also dress your child in a stylish and trendy way with sustainably produced clothing. Whether it's baby bodysuits or children's underwear, T-shirts or sweatshirts, pullovers with and without hoods, fabric trousers or jeans, hoddie or denim jacket, you'll definitely find what you're looking for here. To get to the individual categories, you can use our filter functions. Our organic garments are marked with a green tree next to the product image.

FAQ: Organic cotton


  1. skin-friendly
  2. warms in winter
  3. cools in summer
  4. easy to clean and durable
  5. hard-wearing
  6. more tear-resistant when wet


  1. the fibre tends to wrinkle
  2. heavy when wet
  3. longer drying time

First of all, follow the manufacturer's instructions on the laundry label. We recommend washing clothes for babies/newborns separately, as there may be allergenic substances in or on your clothes. We also recommend that you always avoid using fabric softener, as this can irritate your little one's skin and prevent possible allergic reactions. Another recommendation is to use a sensitive fabric softener, especially if the clothes can only be washed at 40°. Hygiene rinse agents remove 99% of the bacteria even at very low temperatures. For children's clothes, use a detergent labelled "Sensitive". You can find a lot of useful information about textile care for children's clothing here.

Cotton is generally planted from genetically modified and chemically treated seeds, as is common and widespread in agriculture. This makes it more resistant to pests and results in a higher harvest. Genetically modified seeds are prohibited in the cultivation of organic cotton.

It is recommended to buy bodysuits for babies made of organic cotton because of the sustainable and ecologically valuable aspect of protecting the environment and protecting your child from possible allergies. The special thing about this fibre is that it is not only breathable, but also offers a wonderfully comfortable feel and nestles gently against your baby's sensitive skin.

Especially with clothes for babies and children, it is advisable to avoid chemical detergents and fabric softeners to prevent allergic reactions. For most stains, good old biodegradable, environmentally friendly bile soap or curd soap will help. Dampen the stains with plenty of cold water and then rub the curd soap into the stain. Leave the soap to work for about half an hour and then wash the laundry as usual! If you still have questions about textile care, we recommend that you follow us here. Here you can learn a lot of interesting facts about textile care.