Adorable dresses & skirts for girls of all ages

Discover cute dresses and fashionable skirts for babies as well as for little and big girls in our assortment. We offer beautiful fashion pieces in different sizes, lengths, designs and materials. Do you want a classic denim skirt, a cute tulle skirt, a bib dress or a summery designed shirt dress or a dress with ruffles? You're sure to find what you're looking for, we have something for all occasions and tastes.

If you have questions about sizes, materials, care instructions and fits, then follow us here to the FAQ section. Here we have summarised answers to questions that we are frequently asked. You can also ask us your questions personally, click here to go straight to the contact form.

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Beautiful girls' dresses & skirts from trendy labels also in fair fashion

Our main focus is not only on fashionable designs and child-friendly prints, but also on good quality, sustainability and child-friendly processing of materials. We have also taken this into account when selecting our top manufacturers. 

For example, you will find the Danish fashion label "Name It". It not only designs high-quality and fashionable children's clothing, but also attaches great importance to the natural and sustainable processing of materials. We also have the label "Blue Seven", a company based in Germany. It attaches great importance to the optimal processing of high-quality materials and impresses with its trendy and cute designs with a lot of attention to detail. Among others, we have also included the brand "Lemon Beret" from Belgium in our range. With 86 years of experience, the brand stands out with its trendy designs and child-friendly workmanship.

Dreamy skirts and dresses for little & big girls

The dress and the skirt are an essential part of a girl's wardrobe and a MUST. Discover gorgeous summer dresses, cute dresses for your baby girl, long-sleeved dresses, stylish denim skirts and fashionable pencil skirts, for many different occasions. Whether it's for everyday wear, a child's birthday party or a special occasion like a wedding, you're sure to find what you're looking for. A lot of our enchanting fashion pieces are made from sustainable fibres like organic cotton. If you have any questions about the different fibres, click here to find out more.

Questions and answers on the subject of dresses & skirts for children

We recommend turning all garments inside out before washing to keep the colours fresh for longer. We advise you not to use fabric softener, as it protects the environment, the material and your child's health. For children's clothes, use a detergent that is labelled "Sensitive". You can find a lot of useful information about textile care for children's clothing here.

An old rule of thumb is that your child's height is the same as their dress size, so for example if your child is 1.42 metres tall, they will need a size 146. To help you find the right dress size, follow us here to the Size Guide and more information.

We recommend pretreating the stain with good old bile soap. Rub this generously onto the damp stain, leave to act for a short time and then wash as usual with a sensitive detergent.

Follow the manufacturer's laundry label. Basically, we recommend that you wash it at 30°C or less, spin it gently at 400 revolutions or less and hang it to dry. If you still have questions about care, then take a look here, where you can find out a lot of useful information about textile care for children's clothing.

There are different materials such as cotton, organic cotton, polyester and many others. Meanwhile, skirts and dresses are also made from recycled polyester. A dress or skirt with a high polyester content is more durable. Models made of organic cotton are cool in summer and warm in winter. The percentage of spandex reflects how much the garment stretches when worn. If you would like to see more information about the materials and their properties, please click here.

Polyester has little or no breathability, it can cause skin irritation, the fabric becomes electrostatically charged and the material hardly absorbs any moisture. On the other hand, the material is very hard-wearing, easy to care for, dries quickly and wicks moisture away well.