Trendy and fashion uppers for children, toddlers and babies

If you are looking for cute short-sleeved or long-sleeved T-shirts, a cosy pullover, a trendy hoodie, you should find what you are looking for here. We've put together a great selection of different tops, also made from organic cotton or recycled material. There's something for every occasion or season! Girls' tops or T-shirts, sweatshirts with and without prints, boys' jumpers with and without hoods, knitted jumpers - everything is represented so that you can dress your child fashionably from spring to winter.

For questions about sizes, materials, care instructions and fits, you are welcome to follow our FAQ section for children's tops. You can also ask us questions here in the contact form if the FAQ's don't help you.

Girls' and boys' uppers from top manufacturers

In our range you will find T-shirts, jumpers, sweatshirts, hoodies with and without hoods from top manufacturers made from sustainable materials. Many of our children's tops are also made from organic materials according to EU quality standards. The Danish-based fashion label "Name It" impresses with its very good price-performance ratio and the variety of sustainable articles made from organic fabrics. Super comfortable and cute designed tops for all ages are produced by the German-based fashion label "Blue Seven".If you're only interested in sustainably made items, click here for the organic cotton wool category. Here you will find a wide range of products of this kind. You can find out more about the different materials and their properties here.

Comfortable & colourful children's tops in different designs for every season

So that you can dress your child and/or baby well from spring to winter, we have put together a large selection of colourful and plain short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirts, comfortable knitted jumpers, soft pullovers, hoodies with and without hoods, tops, cropped shirts and blouses for girls and chic sweatshirts and shirts for boys. If you're looking for cardigans, knitted jackets and sweat jackets, you'll find them here too. We offer the whole range of different outerwear for your child. Create a hip spring look for your darling, for example with a t-shirt and stylish jeans that you can find here. And for the cooler mornings, match it with a denim jacket, found here.

Questions & answers about tops for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers

Basically, you should make sure not to touch the print with the iron. Alternatively, you can place a damp cloth or baking paper between the print and the iron to avoid direct contact with the print. If you have questions about textile care, we recommend reading these.

Jumpers are more elegant and classy. Sweatshirts were originally sports jumpers and are made of slightly thinner fabric.

We recommend treating the bloodstain with cold water only, as blood contains various proteins that coagulate at high temperatures. A tried and tested household remedy is bile soap, but also sodium bicarbonate. Apply this to the damp stain and rub it in with cold water, leave to act for a short time and then wash as usual. Further tips on textile care can be found here, in the care instructions section.

These tops are especially popular with young ladies and are here to stay this 2022. Cropped shirts are belly and/or navel-free tops that can be combined well with a high waist or a pair of mom-fit jeans.

The hoodie owes its name to the legend of Robin Hood, who always wore an oversized hood during his raids in order to remain unrecognised. A hoodie is a super-comfortable hooded jumper that can be worn all year round and is the key piece in many young people's wardrobes. It can be worn as a jacket in the warmer seasons and as a pullover under a jacket in the colder seasons.

The right sportswear for children should consist of a short-sleeved T-shirt made of skin-friendly material. The material should also be temperature-regulating. Accordingly, we recommend a T-shirt made of pure cotton or with a high cotton content.