Adorable and super comfortable baby bodysuits, sleep rompers, onesies and pajamas in a set.

In the first months of a baby's life bodysuits with long or short sleeves, rompers and pyjamas with or without feet are a must-have in every newborn's wardrobe. We present a wide range of cute, super-comfortable and high-quality rompers, bodysuits, pyjamas and sleep overalls in different designs for girls and boys. Many of our baby and children's items are very comfortable to wear and are super soft and comfy. Among other things, you'll also find pyjamas for boys and sleepwear for baby girls.
If you have any questions, we have summarised some frequently asked questions and answers in the FAQ section for sets. You can also ask us your questions personally by following the link to the contact form.

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Bodysuits, rompers & pajamas for babies, toddlers and children in organic cotton set

Sustainability and good quality are very important aspects for us, that's why a lot of our products are made of organic cotton and/or recycled material, which meet the EU quality standard. So if you're looking for baby and children's clothing made from organic cotton, you've come to the right place. Our fashion pieces are not only super soft and comfortable, but also suitable for the sensitive and delicate baby skin, as these are environmentally friendly and sustainably produced. If you have any questions about the different materials, you can find a lot of useful information here in the category Tips about Materials.

With sustainability and good quality in mind, we also select our top manufacturers. Among the top manufacturers are the Danish fashion label "Name It", the brand "Lemon Beret" from Belgium or the German label "Blue Seven". All manufacturers have specialized exclusively in the clothing of our youngest and growing up. They impress with trendy and sustainable fashion, various cute designs with attention to detail and their high quality standards.

Nightwear & body sets and much more for babies, toddlers and kids

Here we offer you bodysuit and sleep romper as a money saving package. These fashion pieces are an important part of the basic outfit of a newborn. Especially in the first few weeks, your baby sleeps a lot and can not yet properly regulate its temperature, so a good outfit is very important. Whether you are looking for short-sleeved baby bodysuits for the warm months in spring and summer or long-sleeved baby onesies for the cold days in fall and winter, you will always find one. Also the large selection of super comfortable, light and soft baby pajamas with or without feet, leaves nothing to be desired. As a super gift idea for the birth of a baby, we offer our cute 2-piece and / or 3-piece pack. For your growing child, we have girls' nightgowns or boys' pajamas in a double pack.

Questions and answers about bodysuits, sleep overalls and sleepwear

In the first few months, it often happens that something goes wrong during feeding, despite the bib. For this reason, we recommend between 5 to 8 long or short sleeve bodysuits, depending on the season. Here you should also be guided by your washing behavior. For the night time it is usefull to have two to three pajamas that are provided with a convenient front fastener, for easy put on - take off.

Already from the sustainable & ecologically valuable aspect to protect the environment and your child from possible allergies, it is recommended to buy pajamas and / or sleepwear made of organic cotton. The special thing about the fiber is not only that it is breathable and super soft, but it warms in winter, cools in summer and also absorbs a lot of moisture.

A rule of thumb says that the height of your child corresponds to the size of the clothes. This means that if your little treasure has a height of 64 cm, you can take size 68 in terms of clothing. To help you find the right clothing size, follow us here to the help page size explanations for more information.

Here we do not recommend it, because your baby in the first months can not yet regulate its temperature on its own and when he sweats he cools down quickly, so it is advisable to put on pajamas at night. Also on warm summer days it makes sense to put your little one to bed in a sleep overall, although you can do without the bodysuit as underwear. Our baby sleep overalls are made of very thin lightweight fabric and can therefore be worn even in summer.

It is advisable to avoid chemical detergents and fabric softeners, especially for babies and children, to prevent allergic reactions. For carrots and many other stains, the good old environmentally friendly bar soap (biodegradable) helps. If you still have questions about textile care, we recommend you to follow us here. Here you can learn a lot of interesting facts about textile care.

For a lot of children a sleep overall is a very comfortable night wear, but once your child can walk and go to the toilet on their own, pajamas are more practical when getting dressed & undressed.

We recommend buying baby bodysuits made of pure cotton but also organic cotton for the sustainability aspect. Cotton or organic cotton is very breathable, cooling in summer, warming in winter and absorbs a lot of sweat. Since we are talking about the smallest of the little ones, it is recommended for the delicate and sensitive skin to use organic cotton items, because this way you can prevent allergies already in babyhood and protect the environment at the same time. You can find a lot of interesting information about the composition and properties of the different materials here.