Baby- & children's leggings in a wide range

If you are looking for fashionable children's leggings for girls and boys, you will find them here. Whether for teenagers, children, toddlers or babies, we have a wide variety of leggings in different materials and shapes. From jeans to capri pants, our range has something for every occasion and every season.

Do you have questions about the products and want to know how to take care of them best? Then take a look at our FAQ section here.

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Leggings for girls & boys by trendy manufacturers

Good quality is very important to us, which is why we have only included top brands in our range. Let yourself be enchanted by:

  • Baby Corner
  • Blue Seven
  • Dirkje
  • Jack and Jones Junior
  • Lemon Beret
  • LeoZ
  • Name It
  • KidsOnly

These labels stand for stylish, sustainable, playful fashion & child-friendly designs that are suitable for a variety of occasions. Whether to wear to nursery, school, playtime or family get-togethers, with these brands your child will be ready for all individualities and look dazzling too. If these arguments are not enough: We are happy to inform you that we also have sustainable leggings produced in organic quality to choose from, which of course comply with EU standards. You can find them in the organic cotton & wool category.

Children's leggings for every occasion

Due to the great variety, the children's leggings on offer are suitable for girls and boys and for every occasion. Whether jeans leggings for school, training leggings for romping and sports or under leisure trousers as a substitute for long pants or tights. There is something for every gender, age group and taste.

Frequently asked questions & answers about our children's leggings

To protect the fabric and the existing prints, follow the care instructions on the label. In addition, you can wash the leggings inside out and/or put the garment in a washing net in the washing machine. To prevent bacteria build-up and odours, do not leave the laundry in the drum for a long time, but hang it quickly on a clothesline. You can find more tips on the care and cleaning of boys' and girls' leggings in the help section, washing children's leggings properly.

Unlike long underwear, leggings fit closer to the skin because they are usually more elastic. In addition, the seams are usually less visible on leggings than on long underwear. In general, however, long underwear keeps you warm.

In principle, the leggings should fit well and not slip too much when squatting. Please make sure that the leggings are made of a flexible material (spandex).

It really depends on the model. Most leggings are opaque and can therefore be worn with a T-shirt or a jumper without any problems. Leggings can also be worn as a substitute for tights, very well under a skirt.

Leggings are robust, but cannot be compared to trousers, which are made of a stronger fabric. Leggings can withstand a lot, but they do not withstand long-term wear with friction.

You can let your baby crawl with leggings on without worrying.

For children who do a lot of floor exercises and like to fall on carpets, sweatpants or casual trousers made of a sturdier fabric are more suitable. Take this opportunity to take a look at our range of casual trousers.

You can use your child's height to help you choose the right dress size. To help you do this as much as possible, you can find more information on our size guide page. If a garment is too big, you can rest assured that your child will grow into it over time.

Yes, even children with sensitive skin can wear leggings. However, care should be taken that the clothing is made of organic cotton to prevent skin irritations.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Iron-on patches are best for such situations. Iron the leggings smooth, pull the fabric apart a little, place a piece of fabric between the trouser legs, place the iron-on patch on the affected area and iron on your favourite patch with a little pressure. You can also use a patch and sew on your child's favourite motif.