Pants for toddlers, kids and teens

Discover here in our assortment, super comfortable children's pants, boxers & long johns for boys as well as briefs and panties in hipster style for girls of all ages. Whether tight-fitting or loose, classic, with stripes, dots, prints or plain, you're sure to find what you're looking for. To match the pants, you'll find the matching vests for your girl and boy here. Good quality is our top priority, which is why our models not only impress with their high wearing comfort and comfortable fit, but their material composition is also high-quality and child-friendly. For ecological and sustainable reasons, many of our children's garments are made from organic cotton.

Do you have any questions about pants? Use our filter function and click here to access our FAQ section, where we have answered the most frequently asked questions. If that's not enough for you and you still have questions, click here and we'll be happy to help you personally.

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Underwear for boys & panties for girls in decent quality from well-known manufacturers

As we work for the youngest as well as for adolescents, good quality and sustainability are very important to us. That's why you'll mainly find organic cotton pants in our range, which are perfect for children's sensitive skin and meet EU quality standards.

We also consciously select our top manufacturers according to our motto of good quality and sustainability. Our top labels, which focus almost exclusively on clothing for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers, include the following:

  • "Name It" originating from Denmark
  • "Blue Seven" a German fashion label
  • & "Lemon Beret" based in Belgium.

They not only stand out for their sustainable and trendy fashion, but also impress with their child-friendly designs and prints as well as their good quality.

Comfortable children's pants for girls and boys

When it comes to children's underwear, it's not just the shapes and colours that matter, a high level of comfort and a comfortable fit play the most important role. If a piece of underwear is too small, it can pinch and irritate the skin. Apart from that, the freedom of movement is restricted and your child feels uncomfortable, which can manifest itself in whining, especially with toddlers. Check here to find the right underwear size for your child.
The quality of the fibres and fabrics, i.e. the material composition, is also important because children's clothing should be free of harmful substances.The material processing is also important: For a comfortable wearing feeling, the fabrics should have some elastane fibres mixed in. Boys' bottoms, for example, should fit snugly against your child's skin and be stretchy. Whether for trousers or tops & co, cotton or organic cotton is the perfect material with its multiple benefits. If you have questions about the different fibres and materials, come here and learn a lot about this topic.

FAQ Underpants for Girls & Boys

For the pre-treatment of stains, we advise you to use the well-known and biodegradable bile soap. We recommend that you do not wait too long before treating such stains and treat them immediately.
First wash the panties with warm water and spread the bile soap generously over the stained area and let it soak overnight. Then wash the pants as usual.

Due to its natural composition, cotton is perfectly suitable for children's sensitive skin, even though we believe that organic cotton is ecologically more valuable, even if it costs a few cents more. You are not only protecting your child's delicate skin, but also the environment. Among other things, cotton can not only absorb up to 20 % of its own weight in moisture or body fluids, it is also breathable and cools on warm days and is cosy and warm on cold days.

In general, a child's height corresponds to their clothing size. If your daughter is now 12 years old, she should be between 147 and 152 cm tall, which corresponds to a garment size of 152. To find out the correct dress size, please follow us here to the category page Size Guide for Children's Sizes.

As long as your darling is still wearing nappies, you can do without underpants/underwear. However, as soon as she goes to the toilet or potty, we recommend underwear. This will make it easier for your little one to go to the toilet, as it is easier to pull panties up and down.

Long pants, as you know them for boys, do not exist for girls. But leggings, thermal leggings and tights also belong to the category of underwear and can serve as a substitute for pants in winter.

When washing, make sure that you do not use fabric softener. This can irritate your child's sensitive skin, you avoid possible allergies and protect the environment. If you still want to use fabric softener, we recommend the one for sensitive skin, especially if the clothes can only be washed at 40°. Hygienic detergents remove 99% of bacteria, even at very low temperatures. For children's clothes, we recommend using a detergent labelled "Sensitive". You can find a lot of useful information about textile care here.

The main difference between boxers and briefs is the fit. Briefs are tight around the thigh and crotch, while shorts are more loose-fitting and offer more freedom of movement. Further variations are the type of fabric and the shape of the pouch.