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We offer the latest fabric trousers for boys and girls that are super comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Our range includes fabric trousers in different cuts, styles and materials. From cargo, chino and twill trousers to simple sweatpants, you'll find them here. If you're looking for children's jeans, shorts, jeggings or leggings, you are in the right place here. Create a fashionable look for your child with items from our wide range.
So when you're looking for a matching sweatshirt to go with the matching pants right away, click here. Questions about the fabric trousers for kids, are in the FAQ section at the bottom of the page. Here you will find a number of questions that we have been asked most frequently. If you still have questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact us here.

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Chino trousers from well-known manufacturers made from sustainable materials

Sustainability and good quality are very important to us, which is why many of our trousers and items are now made from organic cotton or recycled material. That's why you'll only find top manufacturers in our range, such as the Danish-based fashion label Name It. It impresses with its very good price-performance ratio and the large number of sustainably produced articles. Or "Blue Seven", a label based in Germany, has super cute and super comfortable trousers for boys and girls of all ages at fair prices.

Here, under the organic cotton wool category, you'll find our whole repertoire of sustainably made products. Here you will find a lot of interesting information about the different properties of the materials. If you have questions about textile care, we recommend you read here. You can also ask us your questions, or if you need help, follow us to the contact form.

Fashionable and trendy fabric trousers for boys and girls

From lightweight and on-trend chinos to sporty, relaxed sweatpants to the hippest trousers of 2022, cargo pants, you'll find them all here. Whether it's for romping and playing or going to school, you'll find comfortable and affordable trousers for every occasion. If your child prefers jeans, just take a look here.

FAQ: on children's cloth trousers & chinos

The typical chino is a pair of trousers made of cotton fabric/twill. These are preferably worn in summer but also, since they have become trendy, in autumn and spring.

We recommend not using fabric softener to protect the fibres. At the same time, this prevents allergies and protects the environment. We also recommend turning your trouser pockets inside out, as lint often accumulates here. You can find more tips on textile care here in the care instructions section.

Skinny fit trousers are skin-tight around the waist and legs. In order for the trousers to fit so skintight, the spandex and/or polyester content is high. Slim fit trousers are also tight trousers, but skinny fit trousers are more figure-hugging of the two.

Regular fit is a loose-fitting and airy pant that gives your child more freedom of movement. However, if your child prefers to wear tighter or more figure-hugging pants, we recommend slim or skinny fit pants.

High waist jeans are high cut and sit at the waist. Mom fit jeans are also high waisted but are cut wider at the bottom and thighs.

We recommend treating the bloodstain with cold water only, as blood contains various proteins that coagulate at high temperatures. A tried and tested household remedy is bile soap, but also sodium bicarbonate. Apply this to the moistened blood stain and rub it in with cold water, leave to act for a short time and then wash as usual. Further tips on textile care can be found here in the care instructions section.

An old rule of thumb is that your child's height is the same as their trouser size, so for example, if your child is 1.42 metres tall, they will need a size 146. To help you find the right size, click here to go to the Size Guide and further information.

Cargo trousers or shorts, were originally trousers for workers, have patch or sewn-in pockets on the side of the thigh or knee area, chinos don't have that. Cargos have become a key piece in this year 2022 and are very popular with young people.