Colourful and trendy sweatshirts for girls and boys of all ages

Here you can take a look at our selection of cute, cuddly and fashionable sweatshirts from top manufacturers. Whether for babies, toddlers, kids or teenagers, here you will find something suitable for every age. Either with different designs, in many colors or with various prints. The children's sweatshirts are super comfortable and suitable for everyday use, for example, for school or kindergarten. In addition, many of our fashion pieces are made from organic fabrics and / or recycled material according to EU quality standards.

You can get to know more about the different materials here in the help section/materials. If you have questions about the care of sweatshirts, please follow the help section of care for children's clothing. Many of our customers also ask us questions about our products. You can find the most frequently asked questions and answers here in the FAQ section for sweatshirts.

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Sweatshirts for kids from top manufacturers also made from organic fabric

As we attach great importance to sustainability and good quality, a large number of our fashion pieces are made from organic cotton, which meet the EU quality standard and are very comfortable to wear. If you are only interested in items made from sustainable production, then follow us here to the organic cotton wool category, where we present a large selection of these items. You will find a lot of interesting information about the different materials and their properties in the help section/materials.

Among others, you will find top manufacturers such as the Danish fashion label "Name It", the brand "Lemon Beret" from Belgium or the German label "Blue Seven". All of them specialise in clothing for our little ones and those growing up. They impress with trendy and sustainable fashion, various cute designs with attention to detail, child-friendly prints and their high quality standards.

Sweatshirts for babies, toddlers and children for all seasons

Whether as a simple companion on balmy summer days or as a warming one in the cold seasons, for playing or romping around, for school visits or as a cosy accessory while watching TV, a sweatshirt is and remains, like the pullover, an all-rounder. Discover a large selection of girls' and boys' tops with us. In addition to sweatshirts, we also offer, for example, the hoodie found here and the jumper found here.

Questions & Answers about Kids Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts used to be sports jumpers, they are partly tops of a jogging suit. The sweatshirt is not thicker than T-shirts, only the processing of the fabric is different. This makes the fabric cosier and makes it look thicker. Jumpers, on the other hand, can be made of many different fabrics, whereas sweatshirts are usually made of cotton. Jumpers, on the other hand, are more elegant and classy.

We recommend bile soap for pre-treatment. Dampen the stain(s) with cold water, rub the stain thoroughly with the soap, leave for half an hour and then wash as usual. We also recommend always putting the top inside out in the washing machine. You can find more tips on textile care here in the care instructions section.

A sweatshirt goes very well with cargo or denim trousers. Cargo trousers are a must-have in the wardrobe of young and old this year. But you're sure to find what you're looking for in our wide range of trousers, jeans and shorts.

Basically, you should make sure not to touch the print with the iron. Alternatively, you can dampen a cloth or place baking paper between the print and the iron to avoid direct contact with the print. If you have questions about textile care, we recommend reading these.

The height of your child also corresponds to the clothing size, i.e. if your child has a height of 1.23 metres or 123 cm, then this corresponds to size 122/128. You can find help on finding the right child size here in the Help/Size explanation section.

Children should always wear what they feel most comfortable in. However, for festive occasions such as a wedding, we would recommend a simple plain long-sleeved shirt.