Cozy winter jackets for babies, kids and teens

You'll find our super comfy and warm winter jackets for your girl or boy. Our winter jackets offer everything your child needs for this season. They are breathable, water-repellent and windproof, and have a hood to protect your child from wind, rain or snow. Many of our models also have a reflective detail and thus offer safety through visibility on the way to kindergarden or to school. In the FAQ section on the subject of winter jackets, we have compiled and answered frequently asked questions. Click here to navigate over to it.

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Winter jackets to feel good from well-known manufacturers

Our main focus is not only on fashionable and trendy designs, but also on good quality, sustainability and child-friendly processing of materials. For this reason, you will find renowned manufacturers who have specialised in the production of children's clothing. They not only design trendy children's fashion with child-friendly prints, but also attach great importance to a high standard of quality and sustainability.

Warm through winter with a children's winter jacket for girls & boys

Father Frost is knocking on the door and it's getting bitterly cold. If you want to keep your child warm and cosy through the winter, then you're sure to find what you're looking for here. Not only do we offer cosy, warm and well-insulating winter jackets, but you will also find the parka as an all-rounder among the jackets.

Frequently asked questions about winter jackets

In any case, a jacket should be water-repellent and waterproof. Especially in the autumn and winter months, we have very high humidity in addition to fog, rain and snow.
The outer material should be windproof, the zips should have a cover, pockets should be covered and it should be possible to close the hood tightly. Children in particular like to be outside longer in the winter when it snows, and the jacket should insulate them sufficiently.
Breathability is important, but so is the cut and the length and texture of the sleeves. A child's winter jacket should not be too tight or too loose. If it is too tight, there is only an insufficient air cushion which actually provides warmth. Wide jackets also do not build up insulation.
The sleeves should have cuffs or Velcro fasteners to prevent cold air from entering. The wrist should be covered by the sleeves. The ends of the sleeves should have cuffs or a ribbed hem. 

We recommend that you follow the washing instructions. Before washing the hood, always wash the faux fur. For faux fur, we recommend hand washing. Close zips or Velcro fasteners and turn the jacket inside out. A winter jacket should always be washed on a gentle cycle, according to the manufacturer's instructions, but usually at 40°C and never higher. Pre-treat heavily soiled areas. We recommend that you do not use fabric softener on children's clothing, alternatively you can use a fabric softener. Fabric softener also destroys the function of the fibre, which can destroy the properties of the jacket. Fabric softeners and detergents should be labelled "sensitive". If you would like to know more about textile care for children's clothing, click here to find out more.

We always recommend buying a winter jacket one size larger, because your child should be able to wear a jumper underneath on very cold days. Finding the right size is usually a bit difficult. As a rule of thumb, however, you can remember the following: your child's height also corresponds to the clothing size. When buying an anorak, we also advise you to consider the chest circumference so that the jacket does not restrict your child's freedom of movement. To find out the right size for your child, our team has put together a table for you. Just click here and you will be taken to our help table.

Especially winter and functional jackets should be turned inside out before washing to avoid abrasion of the functional material, i.e. the coating.

We recommend that you buy a jacket that is breathable. A winter jacket should also not be too tight, so that air circulation is guaranteed.

Wash the jacket only as often as you absolutely have to. If you wash a jacket too often, it can lose its functionality.