Trendy hooded jumpers for babies, toddlers, kids and teens

If you're looking for children's sweatshirt for young or older one, you've come to the right place. We are pleased to present our selection of hoodies for girls and boys. Here you will find all the hoodies with different designs, different colours and fancy prints waiting to be discovered by you. If your child doesn't like headwear, no problem! Under the heading children's jumpers without hoods, you will find more jumpers without this feature.

The most frequently asked questions and answers regarding hooded jumpers can be found in the FAQ section below.

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Sweaters with hood from famous manufacturers

Among other things, we also offer you hoodies made of high-quality organic materials that comply with EU directives. Our top manufacturers in this area include:

  • Name It
  • Lemon Beret
  • Blue Seven

These brands are characterized by trendy, playful and sustainable fashion, which offer the perfect feel-good factor for sports, leisure and festive occasions. Interested? Then quickly switch to the organic cotton & wool category.

Children & baby sweaters with hood: the warm and trendy friend

Whether for cozy sitting together, exploring the environment, playing tag or for simple warming in the cold autumn and winter days, in many situations a sweater is a good companion. With us you will discover a meaningful selection of boys - and girls sweaters to prevent in cool rooms, in winter or in the transitional period additionally under the jacket frostbite.

FAQ: Sweaters with hood for children

Put tops in the washing drum turned inside out, follow the care instructions on the label and use a laundry net for particularly beloved or sensitive garments. You can find more useful tips here in the Help / Care for Children's Clothing section.

As a rule of thumb you can take the height in cm of the girl or boy, this is usually also the size. You can find more help to determine the correct children's size in the section Help / Size explanations. Another little tip: if the sweater is too big, your child will grow into it quickly and enjoy the garment at a later time. You also save the environment by not having to return the sweater.

In this case, we advise you to focus on organic cotton clothing and/or garments with a soft brush effect.

It would be advisable to wear a sweater in the autumn and winter months. Additionally, we also recommend putting this on if your baby is near an air conditioner/vent or an open window with a draft. Most of the time it helps to answer the question "Where and in which moments am I cold myself?".

Yes, if you are interested, please follow the link to the category children's sweaters without hood.

Recommended in this case would be the fit "Extra Slim Fit" also called "X-Slim Fit" or "Slim". You can find more help on the cut shapes here in the section Useful / Size Explanations.

A sweatshirt is more like a t-shirt with long sleeves and thinner than a sweater.