Cosy long-sleeved bodysuits for babies and toddlers

Are you looking for long sleeve bodysuits for your baby? You've come to the right place, we proudly present a wide range of long sleeved bodysuits for babies and toddlers. The cutely designed onesies are not only super comfortable and soft, but also have a great fit and feel nice. We are committed to sustainability and good quality, which is why many of our long-sleeved baby bodysuits are made from organic cotton and/or recycled fibres.

If you have any questions about long-sleeved bodysuits, click here to visit our FAQ section. We are happy to help and advise you, so if you have any questions for us personally, please contact us here!

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Long-sleeved baby bodysuits in organic quality from excellent manufacturers

Our long-sleeved bodysuits are largely made from organic cotton. Because of this ecological aspect and because we are talking about the little ones, good quality and sustainability are very important to us, which is why we have included the following manufacturers in our range. These include the Danish fashion label "Name IT", which impresses with its price-performance ratio and fair fashion. Also the German label "Blue Seven", which stands out for its child-friendly and cute designs as well as prints with a lot of attention to detail. You can also find fashion pieces from the Belgian brand "Lemon Beret". With 86 years of experience, it stands out with its high quality standard, fashionable designs and child-friendly processing of children's clothing. All three of these labels have focused on clothing for children.

Feel-good long-sleeved bodysuits for babies & toddlers

When a baby is born, it is torn away from its cosy, warm and cuddly surroundings and must now get used to the new cold environment. As a key piece, the bodysuit is an indispensable part of a newborn's or baby's or toddler's wardrobe. In the first months of life, it is your baby's most important companion and also its second skin. For you as parents, it is a great relief when changing nappies and getting dressed and undressed. You're sure to find the right long-sleeved bodysuit here, whether as a single item, in a pack of three or in a multipack, equipped with an American collar/neckline and press studs.

Questions and answers about long-sleeved bodysuits

Generally, you should wash clothes for babies/newborns separately, as there may be allergenic substances in or on your clothes. We also advise you to always avoid using fabric softener, because it can cause skin irritations for your little one and you can prevent possible allergic reactions. Another recommendation is to use a sensitive fabric softener, especially if the clothes can only be washed at 40°. Hygiene rinse agents remove 99% of the bacteria even at very low temperatures. For children's clothes, use a detergent labelled "Sensitive". You can find a lot of useful information about textile care for children's clothing here.

The fit is very important here, as with all other garments. If a bodysuit is too tight and pinches or too big and slips, your child will not feel comfortable. Pay attention to the material composition as the bodysuit is in direct contact with the skin. Cotton or organic cotton is perfect as a breathable and moisture-absorbing fabric. We recommend baby bodysuits made of organic cotton, which not only protects the environment, but also protects the sensitive skin of children from possible allergies or intolerance. If you are only interested in organic products, follow us here.

To pre-treat a stain, we always recommend bile soap. Rub the damp stain thoroughly with the soap, leave it to work for about half an hour and then wash the garment as usual. If you still have questions about textile care, follow us here to the tips on caring for baby & children's clothing!

Basically, you should be guided by your child's feelings and development, because that comes first. There are no regulations on when a toddler should wear a bodysuit. However, if your daughter is out of nappies and already goes to the potty or toilet on her own, it is advisable to do without a bodysuit to make it easier for her to get dressed and undressed.

Whether with short or long sleeves, we always recommend buying bodysuits made of cotton or organic cotton. Organic cotton is our favourite in terms of sustainability. Not only do you protect the environment, but also your child's delicate skin. Among other things, cotton can not only absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture or body fluids, it is also breathable and cools on warm days and is cosy and warm on cold days. If you have any questions about the different materials, just come here to the category Notes on materials.

We recommend between 6 or even 8 bodysuits, they should be changed once a day just like an adult's underwear.