Lovely short sleeved baby bodysuits in different designs

If you're looking exclusively for short-sleeved bodysuits, you'll find them here. Here we present you with a wide selection of high quality short sleeve baby bodysuits that are not only cute, super soft and comfortable, but they also stand out for their high wearing comfort. Many of our short-sleeved onesies are made from sustainable fibres such as organic cotton.

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Short-sleeved baby bodysuits from top manufacturers also in organic cotton

Sustainability and good quality are very important to us, which is why the majority of our short-sleeved one-piece suits are made from organic cotton and/or recycled material that meets the EU quality standard. With this in mind, we have also chosen our well-known manufacturer. We can introduce you to the Danish fashion label "Name It", the brand "Lemon Beret" from Belgium and the label "Blue Seven" from Germany. These top manufacturers specialise in clothing for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers. They are not only characterised by sustainable and trendy fashion, but also captivate with their child-friendly designs and prints through a lot of attention to detail as well as their high and good quality.

Bodysuits: short-sleeved for the warm seasons

A must-have in the wardrobe of a baby or newborn is the bodysuit. You can wear it as a one-piece on hot summer days, as underwear or as a shirt with a little skirt or cute trousers. A short-sleeved baby bodysuit is a must! Here you will find a matching short-sleeved bodysuit for every age group of your baby with an American neckline and press studs, which make diapering and putting on & taking off easier. Whether as a single piece, in a pack of three or in a multipack, single-coloured or with cute prints, or made of pure organic cotton, our selection is huge.

If you have any questions about the different materials, just come along to the category Notes on materials.

Frequently asked questions about short-sleeved baby bodysuits

Whether short or long sleeved, we always recommend buying bodysuits made of cotton or organic cotton. Organic cotton is the favourite from a sustainability point of view, because you not only protect the environment, but also your baby's delicate skin from possible allergies. Among other things, cotton cools on warm days, warms on cold days, is breathable and absorbs moisture.

When buying a bodysuit, it is advisable to pay attention to the material composition and workmanship. It should cool on warm days and keep you warm on cold days, absorb moisture well and be breathable. We recommend cotton or organic cotton, as they meet all the above criteria. Organic fabrics are also environmentally friendly and protect children's sensitive skin from possible allergies and intolerances.

For the pre-treatment of stains, we recommend that you moisten the stain and rub it with good old gall or curd soap. Let this work for half an hour and then wash your laundry as usual. Further tips on textile care can be found here under care instructions.

The bodysuit is like a second skin for your baby and should not pinch at the sleeves and legs! If the buttons in the crotch no longer close or pop open, it is clearly too small.

The bodysuit has become an indispensable part of the baby clothing repertoire and is probably the most important item of clothing for newborns and babies. Your little darling wears it every day, directly on the skin. That's why it's so important to pay attention to the material composition.

Underwear, bodysuits and rompers do not need to be ironed, just shake them smooth before hanging. We recommend washing clothes for babies/newborns separately, as there may be allergenic substances in or on your clothes. We also advise you to always avoid using fabric softener, as it can irritate your little one's skin and you can prevent possible allergic reactions. You can find more tips on caring for baby and children's clothing here.